Persian or Oriental Carpets

Persian or Oriental Carpets,Thinking about your Oriental rugs

Vacuuming and Brushing

The motivation behind customary vacuuming or brushing is to expel soil, residue and coarseness which can end up inserted in the heap and progressively erode the filaments throughout the years. Here pursues dependable guidelines:

For ordinary family or light traffic – a few times per week. Medium traffic – three times each week. Overwhelming traffic, for instance, a bustling passage corridor – day by day.

Utilize a suction vacuum cleaner – not the sort with unforgiving turning brushes which will continuously dissolve the heap. In the event that you utilize a brush, brush toward the heap, never against it.

Utilize a medium or delicate brush or floor brush, not a hard one. Don’t frequently vacuum or brush the periphery closes; hand-brush them tenderly and intermittently just if necessary, or they can erode rashly.

Two times per year, flip around your floor coverings on the grass or any level surface and beat them immovably, yet not brutally, with a rug mixer or comparative level and wide actualize. This ousts aggregated earth, coarseness or sand that is implanted in the heap. At that point vacuum the front and the back completely. Rehash these means as required, until no soil or residue turns out when shaking the floor covering.


Turn your floor coverings/mats totally around 180 degrees at regular intervals or somewhere in the vicinity. By consistently turning your floor coverings, you will guarantee equivalent dissemination of traffic and light. This will maintain a strategic distance from the likelihood of uneven wear or blurring.

Try not to leave your floor coverings over-presented to our solid South African daylight. They could in the end blur! In the event that fundamental have your widows covered for assurance or have blinds or translucent curtaining introduced.

Water Damage

Should your floor coverings become doused through flooding or something like that, phone us promptly for counsel. There might be threat of shading run, contracting, or shape/mold. Promptly place them on a level, dry surface in the sun at the earliest opportunity to dry them out. Try not to RUB OR SQUEEZE THEM! At that point call us for legitimate proficient treatment to take them back to ideal condition.

Expert Cleaning Of Persian and Oriental Carpets

Your floor coverings and carpets ought to be expertly shampooed or cleaned by our Victor Lidchi’s cleaning/fix dept. each two to four years, contingent upon the traffic they have been presented to and how messy they have moved toward becoming. This is a pro occupation – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO IT YOURSELF! Peruse progressively here.

We are consistently at your administration and make certain that your much-prized Persian and Oriental floor coverings and mats will get our master treatment at focused costs. Call our Cleaning and Repairs Manager for statements and counsel

Non-Slip Carpet Underlays

We prescribe and supply quality and reasonable underlays to avoid slipping, to pad, and to drag out the life of your rugs. We likewise have uncommon underlays for mats which creep on fitted covering.

When purchasing a Persian rug it is savvy to likewise alter a little in drawing out its life expectancy with a quality non-slip underlay. In addition to the fact that it provides a progressively comfortable and lavish feel underneath, yet it is pragmatic in delaying its life expectancy as well (shielding the back of the bunch from fraying or wearing with erosion against a hard or coarse floor), also permitting wind current through the rug itself.

Converse with Moses to get your floor covering estimated up for your underlay.

Fish Moth Protection

Utilize a trustworthy brand of the right bug repellent against fish moths, floor coverings creepy crawlies and so forth. Ensure it is OK for woolen covers and adhere to the guidelines cautiously. Re-apply each three to four months. For inside decoration floor coverings, stick dark colored paper on the divider behind the carpet and apply onto the paper and mat each three to four months.

Utilize a trustworthy brand of the right creepy crawly repellent against fish moths, rugs scarabs and so on. Ensure it is OK for woolen covers and adhere to the guidelines cautiously. Re-apply each three to four months. For tapestry floor coverings, stick dark colored paper on the divider behind the carpet and apply onto the paper and mat each three to four months.

We suggest Bio-Kill, which is non-poisonous and bio-degradable. Supplies can be acquired by calling Bio-Kill at: 011 830 1672, or portable 083 653 4429, or by means of their site.

Stains, Spots and Other Accidents

The significant factor here is SPEED of consideration. See the Stain Removal Guide underneath. In the event of trouble, reach our Cleaning and Repairs Manager.

Victor Lidchi’s Stain Removal Guide

If it’s not too much trouble pursue these headings cautiously and recollect the best factor in stain expulsion is SPEED. Espresso for example, is a color. It is practically difficult to completely expel numerous stains that have had sufficient energy to set, as the shade of the strands might be forever modified.

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